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Designer 23

Designer 23 emerged as a creative project, behind a long history of work and study in the flower industry in Mexico.
Having had direct contact for more than 18 years with flower growers and creative, passionate floral designers led us to start a new stage. As a team of young people with different ideas and skills expressing our passion and creativity for flowers, serving the needs of the national and the international market.

We love

We are a full floral design company.

We love designing stunning floral arrangements to decorate and create a perfect setting that generates beautiful emotions for each person.


Provide quality floral designs with style, generating emotions that feed the being of each person as well as the contemplation of each flower.


Make people happy through Floral design, strengthening feelings through the human senses.

Designer 23?

  • Designer as in the creative designer, and 23 has reference to the following:

  • Los Cabos, Mexico is geographically located on the tropic of cancer, at a northern latitude of 23 ° from our planet.

  • All Los Cabos ZIP codes start with 23.

  • Personally the number 23 has taken relevance in many stages of our life.


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